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The Next Generation Of Love: The Kingsbury Wedding

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

There is nothing better than seeing how much love can be shared at a wedding. When Nicole and Matt reached out for photography it was clear the goal was simple. Capture the love they shared, but also showcase the beautiful generations of love during their day. Nicole's rosary was passed down to her from four previous generations on their respective wedding days since 1901. Matt and his father John also seem to share a very close father-son bond. And all at the center of these beautiful relationships is their love for God. It was an absolute pleasure getting to photograph all of these wonderful moments. Not to mention once they hit the dance floor, the party never stopped. What fantastic energy the night held. A favorite moment being the shared dance between the newlyweds and the grandparents celebrating their own 63 year anniversary. A big thank you to Chris for helping me capture the day.

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